NFT Gamer ID

The metaverse passport can be described as a developable, tradable and rentable user account, stored on-chain as an NFT and recording key information about the gamer such as:

  • Owned NFT items & in-game currencies (metaverse inventory) 
  • Current account EXP and level from GameFi Missions
  • Unlocked platforms access to features, services, rewards and bonuses
  • Guild memberships
  • Current revenue streams built by selling and renting in-game NFT items, or even lending in-game token currencies

Perhaps the most important aspect of the gamer ID is the fact it’s also NFT itself, meaning it can be transferred to any other wallet or sold on the gDEX marketplace for profit.

Developing and Leveling Up your Gamer ID

The reason behind storing user accounts as an NFT is anchored in one of the gDEX foundations - retaining and maximizing the value of their gaming assets and efforts. 

The NFT Gamer ID is a unique blockchain-based recorded identity of a gDEX user that allows users to track their growth and progress across any gDEX-integrated game within the metaverse. Similar to how your game characters level up, by gaining better equipment, scores and victories in a game, your Gamer ID can be adjusted, developed, and grown by participating in activities within the gDEX ecosystem.

Users can utilize the Metahub to access GameFi Missions that give daily and long-term rewards or, they could also look for a guild who are looking for players to help them advance in the metaverse. Whichever way you slice it, this means that time, effort, and investment is recorded and stored for each user. 

Monetizing your Gamer ID

The NFT Gamer ID allows players to create, play, guild up, and earn anywhere while always retaining their value.

What’s more important, a user account is essentially a tradable, transferable NFT which can be rented, sold or swapped on the marketplace similar to other tradable assets. Gamers and guilds can actively participate and have their progress across the various games in the metaverse recorded, giving value to their identities. This allows guilds to expand into different revenue models which may include providing power-leveling services or even to the point of selling accounts already at a certain progress milestone.

Even if a user gets bored with one game and wants to try another, they will be able to monetize the entire effort that has been put in so far to develop their gDEX identity and sell or lend the valuable NFT gamer ID on the Community Marketplace. 

Every gamer's account will have their own level - keeping high activity on gDEX platform. Even using the Stake for Access model, staking $GDEX tokens will increase that level and hence improve the strength of bonuses and rewards received from the platform.