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The gDEX brings you the first developable, tradable and rentable cross-platform NFT gaming ID for the Metaverse. gDEX’s platform and token economy unlocks the true potential of the metaverse by enabling fully interoperable gaming where players will be able to play, create, guild and earn anytime and anywhere across infinite metaverses. 

gDEX advances this solution by providing tools and technology that enables all interoperable gaming assets (metaverse inventory) to be aggregated and stored in the NFT Gamer ID belonging to the owner and accessible anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, gWidgets (gDEX Widgets) are another key component of the Metaverse passport that acts as a trustless transfer agent to connect across games and the metaverse while the ‘proof-of-origin’ tracking allows you to always determine the original creator of the item.

gDEX Innovates NFTs for the Metaverse Generation

gDEX uses NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) for the 3 most important solutions on the platform that enables an interoperability layer across the metaverse:

  1. NFT-based gamer ID
  2. NFT-s based interoperable assets - gWidgets 
  3. NFT Proof of Origin 

Metaverse Passport Value Flow