To enable full interoperability across the metaverse, gDEX Widgets were developed to act as a trustless transfer agent that allows your metaverse passport and all the inventory you own or hold to transfer and be used seamlessly across games and the metaverse. 

gWidgets are interoperable representations of in-game assets (both fungible and non-fungible). They are stored on the gamer's metaverse passport, meaning they are ‘available’ and ‘usable’ in any game or metaverse integrated with the gDEX to which the gDEX player is logged in. This allows users to retain full value, control, and usefulness of their virtual assets wherever they go across the metaverse.

Integrated games can utilize the metaverse passport tools to enable interoperability for their players by accessing their account in the Creator Space & SDKs to get started.



Here are examples of how it works:

#1 - Cross-Chain

John has been playing the crypto-racing game “ABC'' for quite some time now and managed to aggregate 100k ABC tokens (used as in-game internal currency of that game). Right now he feels a bit tired by the concept of racing games and would like to try something new. He has been reading a very good opinion about the new crypto-based FPS shooter called XYZ. He logs in and to his surprise he can see that his character already has 50k XYZ tokens available for spending. The reason he doesn’t need to aggregate XYZ tokens from scratch is that both games are integrated with the gDEX FX-rate function determining the current FX rates between ABC and XYZ in-game currencies (1 YXZ token is now worth 2 ABC tokens). 

#2 - Interoperability

Alice has spent several hundred hours playing one of the top-rated gDEX RPG games - Crypto & Dragons. Such a high level of time commitment allowed her to obtain numerous, high-value NFT in-game items. Unfortunately, every good game has its end, so after finishing the storyline and having some fun with the multiplayer mode, Alice decided to end her adventure with the Crypto & Dragons. Her time commitment will not go in vain - all items obtained in Crypto & Dragons are instantly accessible in any other game integrated with the gDEX platform. Their form may differ from the original one, but their “rarity”, “power”, and “speed” and the relative value and utility of each of these attributes will remain the same. But even if Alice doesn't want to play games anymore at all, she can put all of her Crypto & Dragons NFT items on the gDEX marketplace and sell or rent them for actual FIAT/Stablecoin or $GDEX tokens.