Guilds and Careers

Within the Metahub is the guild discovery and careers space. This will act as a central point for guilds and players to converge, allowing both guilds and players to discover each other and form beneficial and meaningful relationships. 

Guilds are no longer restricted to just a single business model. Players can form guilds that generate revenue not just from renting out assets, but even creating and selling their own guild NFTs or gaming NFTs. They can even provide services as a guild dedicated to boosting leveling for players, or as a guild that specialize in bossing services. The possibilities are endless, as long as there’s a gDEX widget for it, there’s a business case for it.

One of such business cases would be that guilds can transfer personas and wholesale entire identities as part of their rental offerings. Imagine being able to rent the persona of the highest level character in the entire game!

At the same time, with the help of the Guild Management Tool, guilds will be able to manage much larger membership sizes with unprecedented efficiency as the usual menial tasks like payroll are now done automatically by the tool. Guilds are no longer limited and can now scale as large as they want — even into the hundreds of thousands of guild members. 

If you’re a player, the choice for earning through gaming is no longer restricted to just a matter of mindlessly grinding games for money, but rather players are now afforded different choices to earn in a more proactive manner.