What is the Metahub?

One of the key foundational problems gDEX solves for gaming is enabling players to record and retain all the value of their gaming efforts and contributions. We believe that the growth and success of the platform depend heavily on users being rewarded for their participation.

The Metahub is an interface within gDEX that allows players and guilds to start their professional gaming careers and be rewarded for completing missions. 

Embedded in the Methub is a revolutionary DeFi fueled GameFi token economy, designed to create compounded value and rewards through fun gaming activities. 

The Metahub will issue daily GameFi missions and long-term achievements for players to complete. These GameFi missions can range anywhere from promoting the gDEX platform to friends, to launching their own guild; completing said missions will then unlock new gDEX features and $GDEX token rewards. To ensure long-term participation, users will also gain EXP Points and can level up over time depending on how much commitment they've put into these missions, this way long-term contributors will be fairly recognized.

Aside from GameFi missions, users can also unlock gDEX features and rewards through staking $GDEX tokens. 

The action of participating in Play-to-Earn games, joining guilds, completing missions, and generally showing that you are an active participant in games within the ecosystem will help you build your Metaverse Passport, which will work like a resume for you to apply to bigger, better guilds within the ecosystem. All these will help users generate profits while prospering from their gameplay, creations, and activities within the metaverse.