Another innovative feature of the gDEX tool suite and open standards is the PRISM NFT standard (Protocol Rules for Interoperable Standardized Metadata).

PRISM enables cross-platform interoperability of utility driven gaming NFTs. All utilities, values and more are compatible within a unified chain agnostic layer across gDEX products and the entire metaverse.

  • Common gaming stats like power level, rarity, abilities, access, levels, achievements, associated functions, rewards, and more, will become cross-platform compatible
  • Plug & play integration by obtaining a PRISM API Key and using the gDEX NFT metadata validation and registration system
  • Mint game and guild NFTs with dynamic metadata management
  • Use PRISM’s modular and upgradable NFT system to rapidly deploy tokenized games, lowering costs and risks of traditional game development. Let your community be a part of the process and decide new game features and strategy in real-time

After the completion of the base layer of PRISM standardization (similar to open-source database schemas and standards maintained by Oracle and Bluetooth), gDEX will launch PRISM Open Source Standards allowing the community to continue building and developing the PRISM standardization for new NFT products and enhanced interoperability for the metaverse.


*Patent Pending