Creator Space & SDKs


gDEX is creating a set of blockchain agnostic and no-coding needed standardized, customizable, and easy-to-use tools. Whether you're an established game studio with existing games wanting to tokenize your gaming assets into NFTs across any chain and utilize a robust tokenized gaming economy, or game developers wanting to create full casual games from scratch— gDEX has a solution for you. 

gDEX turns games into dynamic and interoperable virtual economies that allow anyone, anywhere and at any time to create casual games and fully interoperable reward-driven gaming NFTs in the open metaverse.



Create and earn across the open metaverse using our user-friendly SDKs and APIs that include templated casual game creation features (PVP, EVP, Quests, RPG, etc) and simple, compliant, customizable and modular solutions in a box. Utilize our full SDKs and tools, or pick and choose to customize to your specific needs. Games can integrate our NFT interoperability tools and SDKs like Metaverse Passport for their players and PRISM NFT standard.

These tools and technologies are pressure tested, audited and secure, instilling trust with your users so that you don’t have to worry. We aim to eliminate the blockchain learning curve by simplifying feature integrations that usually limit access and scalability. By developing and publishing a set of ready-to-use solutions it helps anyone to start the journey with reward-driven in-game NFT creations or even creating entire casual games from scratch.

Once ready for deployment, creators can quickly monetize games & gaming NFT creations within their unique in-game store or via the gDEX Community Marketplace. 


Integrating games with $GDEX token economy generator 

Any game developed or integrated with gDEX can use their own native token if they prefer, or even fiat currencies with our MoonPay integration.

For non-crypto experienced game developers or traditional game studios wanting to take advantage of the innovative use of crypto payments in their games or a Play to Earn gaming economy, our revolutionary $GDEX token economy can be integrated into any game easily. Using our simple $GDEX token economy generator tools you can give your players a crypto token for seamless p2p payments and valuable Play to Earn rewards. 


Gaming NFTs

Gaming NFT asset creators and even guilds can now participate in true ownership and control of their creations and can be used directly in any game developed or integrated on the gDEX, or sold, traded and rented on the gDEX Community Marketplace as well. Using our no-coding needed gaming NFT minting tools and PRISM NFT open standards, creators can turn rarity, power, achievements, skill, and other game attributes into valuable utilities and rewards or yield in their creations.


gDEX Universal Standards (GUS)

Apart from the PRISM NFT open standards and a vision of a unified, interoperable NFT gaming assets standard, gDEX is also looking at a high-level standardization of the gaming environment as a whole. 

gDEX's vision is to define a set of universal, verifiable standards based on which every casual game should be created and developed — the gDEX Universal Standards (GUS). In the long run, such standards are expected to become one of the key enablers for efficient interoperability of the gaming metaverse layer.