Community Marketplace

The gDEX Community Marketplace is a major component within our platform metaverse layer, as it will maximize the value of gaming NFTs by empowering creators, guilds and gamers to own and exchange interoperable gaming NFTs. It also allows game developers or integrated game studios to sell their gaming NFTs outside of their games directly to increase sales and access the vibrant gDEX community. All gaming NFT assets in the marketplace will be interoperable across games and metaverses integrated with gDEX, and all stored in the owner’s wallet attached to their Metaverse Passport.

All users will have access to the virtual assets listed in the marketplace, special gaming NFT drops, and the ability to create, sell, lend and borrow gaming NFTs. These assets range from in-game skins and emotes, to weapons, achievements, and reward-generating in-game NFTs.

Users can choose between secure fiat payments with our partners MoonPay or paying with $GDEX when buying or selling and cashing out their profits. This Community Marketplace empowers creators, guilds and gamers to monetize their creations and acquire new in-game NFT assets that power up earnings across the metaverse. 

A New Career Marketplace for Guilds

With the community marketplace, guilds are no longer restricted to just a single business model. Players can form guilds that generate revenue not just from renting out assets, but even creating and selling their own guild or gaming NFTs. They can even provide services as a guild dedicated to boosting leveling for players, or as a guild that specializes in bossing services. The possibilities are endless, as long as there’s a gDEX widget for it, there’s a business case for it.