Game Discovery Zone

The gaming platform is aimed to be one of the core social elements of the entire gDEX platform along with the Metahub. It can be imagined as a Web3 Steam-alike web/desktop application offering users a single destination to discover and play a variety of exciting integrated games.

Each user can track their gaming efforts and participation obtained while playing games with their Metaverse Passport. This allows them to record their growth and progress across any gDEX-integrated game within the metaverse.

gDEX platform is not only focused on gaming - connecting players from multiple environments and blockchains, also means enabling a central social networking space in the metaverse including:

  • Achievement board (Games, Guilds, Gamers)
  • Education Hub
  • gDEX Discord live community chat integration
  • News/feeds board
  • Possibility to share in-game media 
  • Build and develop your connections (followed, following)
  • Possibility to put a “like” under a feed published by another user
  • Creating social guilds 
  • Performing rewarded social activities (e.g. referrals) 
  • Other social channels and features

It is expected that gDEX community social space will evolve over time, with more products being added per each development milestone.