Community at the heart of all things — Here at gDEX we understand that community is the most important part of any endeavor. That is why we’ve included a suite of tools for guilds and communities of like-minded individuals to band together and conquer the future of the metaverse together with gDEX.

  • GameFi Missions
    This is a choice for scholars and members within your guild to start their gaming career within gDEX — GameFi Missions. Every day a list of daily missions along with tiered long-term achievements will be listed in the Metahub, with their completion rewarding various perks and benefits which include, but are not limited to $GDEX tokens.

  • Guilds and Careers
    gDEX provides a single destination for guilds and players to converge. Aside from guilds renting out basic NFT characters for other players to play, the guild business model can now be reimagined through renting of in-game progress, renting of services, and even identities (NFT Gamer ID).

  • Stake for Access
    Guilds can unlock valuable rewards, tools, and more on gDEX depending on how many $GDEX tokens they have staked alongside the amount of EXP they have accumulated.

  • Guild Management Tool
    A robust feature-set tool that allows guilds to grow their businesses efficiently, maximize the value of their gaming NFTs, track and manage their earnings and scholars' activities, and optimize business processes using the member payroll and NFT rental system.

  • Game Discovery Zone
    A Web3 web/desktop application offering users a single destination to play a variety of exciting integrated games that’s similar to Steam. An extensive series of community social features will ensure that members of your community are able to have productive and fun interactions.

  • Community Marketplace
    Any guild can create, swap, buy, rent, and sell gaming NFTs that are obtained through games or created by the guild itself. The marketplace will be designed to handle not just the trade of goods, but also services.

  • Cross-Chain DEX
    At the heart of gDEX giving members the best gaming and trading experience will be a cross-chain dedicated gaming DEX that supports swapping and bridging of tokens across multiple chains.