Bring your metaverse to life with gDEX’s Creator Space. Create your game from scratch with cross-game and chain compatibility, or level up and integrate your existing games with the various tools available to enable a fully tokenized reward-driven gaming economy. Then, submit your game on gDEX’s game discovery zone for users to discover.

  • Creator Space & SDKs
    gDEX is not only a space for gamers and guilds. By developing a suite of novel chain agnostic no-coding needed tools and SDKs that allow game studios with existing games and game developers to integrate their game with utility, rewarding in-game activities with NFTs, and the creation of a tokenized economy.

  • I'm an existing game studio or creator with products, can gDEX help?
    If you already own finished gaming assets or games and want to take advantage of blockchain technology, integration with gDEX is simple with our tools and SDKs that can turn your products into tokenized economies. In need of a crypto payment or game rewards token but don't know where to start? Easily integrate your games with the $GDEX token economy generator. Simply refer to the toolkit to get started, and you’ll be able to tap into all that gDEX has to offer in no time.

  • Community Marketplace
    Your gaming NFTs will be available for swapping, purchasing, renting, and selling via our vibrant Community Marketplace. The marketplace will handle the trade of all goods and services that your game can offer, providing creators with a robust system to run a player-run economy.

  • Cross-Chain DEX
    Reduce user drop-off rates and player friction. Have your game be cross-chain compatible via our dedicated gaming DEX that supports swapping and bridging of tokens across multiple chains.

  • Gaming NFTs
    Take charge as a creator of the metaverse! Easily create your fully interoperable gaming NFTs with our no-coding required tools, or tokenize your existing in-game assets into tradable NFTs and take full control over the design of common gaming attributes that generate rewards.