Play, Grow, and Earn with the suite of features and benefits on gDEX to build your professional career as an inhabitant of the Metaverse.

  • Game Discovery Zone
    Here is where your journey begins. Discover a multitude of games on a Web3 web/desktop application offering a variety of exciting games integrated with gDEX that’s similar to Steam. It will also feature an extensive series of community social features to ensure that players are able to have productive and fun interactions.

  • Community Marketplace
    Any player can create, swap, buy, rent, and sell gaming NFTs obtained through games. The marketplace will be designed to handle not just the trade of goods, but services as well.

  • Cross-Chain DEX
    gDEX will also feature a dedicated, cross-chain gaming DEX that allows players to swap and bridge NFTs across multiple chains, effectively unlocking the value of your NFT across multiple games instead of having it present only in one game.

  • Metaverse Passport
    Your Metaverse Passport is your NFT gamer ID account that will grow as you progress through games, activities, earnings, and acquiring gaming assets to add to your metaverse inventory (interoperable via gWidgets), while completing GameFi Missions in the gDEX platform. Your NFT gamer ID records key information of your journey in the metaverse as a tradable user account. 

  • GameFi Missions
    Another choice of venturing into a gaming career for ecosystem participants are the GameFi Missions. Every day a list of daily missions along with tiered long-term achievements will be listed in the Metahub, with their completion rewarding users with various perks and benefits which include, but are not limited to $GDEX tokens.

  • Guilds and Careers
    Players no longer have to go through the hassle of seeking guilds across multiple avenues. gDEX provides gamers with a simple, one-stop-shop platform that enables any user seeking anything from like-minded individuals to play with, to opportunities for various P2E games with guilds registered on gDEX.