The reason for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is to remove a central authority from complete control, allowing members of a blockchain network the right to participate in decision making of the growth and future of the organization.

As we enter the metaverse and new era of Web3 gaming, a new form of DAO is needed.

The gDAO vision was created for the metaverse generation. 

The metaverse generation entails new types of shared virtual spaces and systems of active participation, experiences, and ways to socially create, play, and earn. With gDEX’s core solutions, this generation will now take back control and be a key part of the bigger picture and the ownership of an accessible, rewarding, fully decentralized, play-to-earn gaming ecosystem — the gDEX Metaverse.

Decision-making in the gDAO will be based not only on holdings of the $GDEX token, but also gaming participation and sufficient EXP levels in the network ecosystem. Those who put forth more effort and participation should not only earn and receive more rewards, but also have a stronger voice in decision-making in gDAO.

Gamers, creators and guilds actively growing the metaverse ecosystem day to day for instance, by participating in GameFi Missions, playing games, onboarding scholars, creating games and gaming NFTs, selling, purchasing or renting NFTs, winning tournaments, using gDEX tools, etc., will be rewarded more voting power then non-active general token holders.

All gDAO activity data will be stored in the gamer's Metaverse Passport like all other GameFi Mission activities and metaverse inventory easily accessible in their dashboard.

As gDEX eventually moves toward full decentralization and becoming gDAO, members will directly be participating in the direction and future of gDEX.

Below details some of the basic structures of gDAO that will eventually take form.