Token Utility Value


Our mission is to enable the creation of the world’s largest Play to Earn network in the open metaverse.

The core solutions that gDEX provides are only achievable by utilizing an innovative token-based economy modeled for the Web3 metaverse.

The utility value of $GDEX token enables remarkable accessibility to the GameFi and metaverse revolution. The platform’s expansive and integrated model supported by a revolutionary DeFi fueled GameFi token economy, means that $GDEX token isn't exclusively siloed within the platform. Rather, it's designed to sustainably accrue value from ecosystem and community integrations, fueling exponential token usage growth across the entire metaverse.


$GDEX token has numerous valuable purposes and plays the following key roles in the gDEX and metaverse ecosystem: 

  • Payments across the platform and games integrating $GDEX

  • Reward distribution to all active ecosystem participants
  • Staking for valuable benefits to members
  • Access to tools, services, features, and programs 
  • Incentives to drive ecosystem, network, and community growth
  • Governance




The token that unlocks the true potential of the metaverse

The $GDEX token generates value in many ways, represented by gaming virtual economy activities, services, and experiences in the metaverse. 

Furthermore, most of gDEX's direct revenue is based on expandable user volume, including the total scale of integrations and interactions with gDEX features across the entire metaverse ecosystem resulting in dynamic value accrual and price impact

The direct value of $GDEX token is correlated to the growth and financial success of gDEX’s ecosystem, along with the economy of Metaverse and gaming as a whole. This will have a continuously positive impact on any $GDEX token holder.

The direct value represented by the $GDEX token is correlated to:

  • Revenue generated from full games built on the gDEX
  • Revenue generated from game studios integrating on the gDEX
  • Revenue generated from guilds, scholarships, and each of their individual members 
  • Gaming NFT sales on the community marketplace
  • Amount of NFTs minted using gDEX tools and NFT open standards
  • Rewards from GameFi Missions and Stake for Access
  • NFT asset value & the rewards generated in games developed or integrated on gDEX
  • NFT transaction volume on Community Marketplace and in games developed or integrated on gDEX
  • NFT asset lending across games, guilds, and metaverse in the ecosystem 
  • Pools, farms, and staking from GameFi and metaverse project native tokens on the gDEX 
  • Payment and Play to Earn reward volume on games integrating $GDEX token 
  • gDEX cross-chain Gaming DEX volumes 
  • All other revenue streams introduced by gDEX 
  • Overall growth and success of the metaverse and gaming ecosystem

By staking $GDEX, holders will be entitled to various rewards, benefits, and opportunities tied to active participation in GameFi Missions in the gDEX ecosystem relative to the amount of $GDEX tokens staked on the platform.

A detailed breakdown of staking rewards is available in the Metahub section of the whitepaper. Ultimately, one of gDEX’s core values is to incentivize and reward the community so they can participate in the growth of the gDEX economy, all while enjoying the following benefits:

  1. Enjoy rewards from GameFi Missions
  2. Staking & LP Fee Rewards of $GDEX tokens from the gDEX platform
  3. Increased access to marketplace functions and discounts
  4. Access to improved Guild Management Tool functionality for guilds
  5. Access to reward pool for Content Creators
  6. gDAO voting power to vote on proposals raised by Governors
  7. Beta testing & bug bounty reward

*The list above is non-exhaustive and more details regarding the different tiers of staking, various additional benefits and rewards will be added in the future.

Decision making will be based on holdings of the $GDEX token and overall participation in the ecosystem. With community support, token holdings, and sufficient experience points, members will be able to raise proposals that the community can choose to accept or reject.

More details regarding gDEX’s governance and our vision of a DAO for the metaverse generation—gDAO—can be found here.