Metaverse Passport

For gamers, their first foray into gDEX will come in the form of signing up for a universal Metaverse Passport. This portable identity forms the basis of the gamer’s Web3 identity tracking all their activity, effort, earnings, and their metaverse inventory within the gDEX ecosystem and metaverse as a whole.

  • NFT Gamer ID
    The basis of the metaverse passport can be described as a developable, tradable and rentable user account, stored on-chain as an NFT and recording key information about the gamer.

  • gDEX Widgets
    Stored in the Metaverse Passport will be a collection of gWidgets that act as cross-platform transfer agents of your metaverse inventory (in-game assets - both fungible and non-fungible tokens), allowing you to use all your gaming assets across any game in the metaverse.

  • NFT Proof of Origin
    NFT items used within the gDEX framework will be subjected to so-called ‘proof-of-origin’ tracking, allowing to always determine the original creator of the item.