gDEX aims to create a fun gaming environment for all members with a wide variety of valuable activities through a sustainable reward system. The Metahub includes an exciting professional gaming career market with almost endless opportunities for anyone to start building a career in the metaverse. Every gaming NFT bought, earned, or rewarded within the gDEX ecosystem will play a part in the growth of your career in the Metaverse, allowing you to grow your earnings in a multitude of ways which includes creating NFTs, buying, renting, and selling on the marketplace, enjoying the multitude of games available on gDEX’s game discovery zone, or even banding together with like-minded individuals in a guild.

  • GameFi Missions
    Another choice of professional gaming career for ecosystem participants is the GameFi Missions. Daily missions involve performing activities that benefit guilds, users and the gDEX platform in exchange for $GDEX tokens, allowing users to forge a career through community building. Consistent completion of missions unlocks tiered achievements and reward schemes.

  • Guilds and Careers
    Aside from guilds renting out basic NFT characters for other players to play, the guild business model can now be reimagined through renting of in-game progress, renting out services and identities (NFT Gamer ID), while acting as a space for players to discover like-minded guilds to join. Guilds can also get featured on gDEX Discovery zone for advertisement and scholar recruitment.

  • Stake for Access
    Members can unlock valuable rewards, tools, based on the amount of $GDEX tokens staked. Paired with the EXP points accrual system via GameFi Missions, new gDEX features will reveal and can be upgraded based on users' activities recorded in the Metaverse Passport.