Tools & Standards

gDEX is creating a set of blockchain agnostic and no-coding needed standardized, customizable, and easy-to-use tools including an integrated guild management tool, and gaming creator tools. 

  • Creator Space & SDKs
    With the vision of aiding creators by reducing the learning curve and costs in developing games, gDEX hosts a robust suite of modular tools. Existing game studios or game developers can now turn games into tokenized virtual economies with fully interoperable reward-driven gaming NFTs in the open metaverse.

  • Guild Management Tool
    A robust feature-set tool that allows guilds to grow their businesses efficiently, maximize the value of their gaming NFTs, track and manage their earnings and scholars' activities, and optimize business processes using the member payroll and NFT renting system.

  • NFT Open Standards
    gDEX brings true cross-platform NFT interoperability to the metaverse. Common gaming stats like power level, rarity, abilities, achievements, associated functions, rewards, and more are compatible within a unified chain agnostic layer across gDEX products and the entire metaverse.