Mint & Burn Equilibrium & Rewards System

The reason for introducing the mint and burn approach is gDEX’s policy and solution towards rewarding and retaining the value of effort and contribution for gamers. Part of gDEX’s unified GameFi metaverse layer and DeFi fueled GameFi token economy is built around providing various rewarding opportunities and access to professional gaming careers, community jobs, daily and long term GameFi Missions and other exciting benefits within the Metahub to have fun and contribute to the development of the gDEX ecosystem.

Furthermore, gDEX’s solutions to unlock the true potential of the metaverse, includes onboarding the next billion non-crypto gamers and game studios by removing barriers to entry and providing them with a sustainable gaming token economy ($GDEX) created for the metaverse generation.


To ensure a healthy flow of funds for rewards distribution without disrupting overall liquidity and token value, the $GDEX token will be subjected to a unique “mint & burn process”. This economic model continuously burns a portion of the total token supply to create temporary deficits that will later be equalized by newly minted tokens.

The above incentivization stream will be infinite by design, and mint & burn policy will ensure that contribution rewards will never drop below a certain quantitative or valuation($) threshold, ensuring that received rewards will always be meaningful for members and integrated games using the $GDEX token economy generator. 

gDEX will continuously monitor burning debt size and its current ratio to treasury and reserves balance. In case further minting of new $GDEX tokens would increase that ratio above predefined limits (e.g. 140% of current treasury balance and strategic reserves), payout of rewards might be subjected to adequate, proportional decrease in order to protect $GDEX token from inflation. gDEX managing team (and later on - gDAO) will be entitled to increase or decrease debt limit depending on agreed incentivization strategy and financial planning.