gDEX is building a platform that will simplify and enrich the experience of all metaverse stakeholders. This will be a unified accessible space for gamers, creators, and guild owners to come together and collaborate, trade, and swap assets with each other while building meaningful relationships.

  • Game Discovery
    A Web3 web/desktop application offering users a single destination to discover and play a variety of exciting integrated games that’s similar to Steam. An extensive series of community social features will ensure that players are able to have productive and fun interactions. 

  • Community Marketplace
    Any member can create, swap, buy, rent, and sell gaming NFTs obtained through games. The marketplace will be designed to handle not just the trade of goods, but also services.

  • Cross-Chain DEX
    At the heart of gDEX that gives members the best experience to trade or grow their earnings from gaming will be a cross-chain dedicated gaming DEX that supports swapping and bridging of tokens across multiple chains.