Introducing: gDEX



With the gaming industry expected to be worth $545 billion by 2028, even the cryptocurrency gaming market still at its infancy is being valued around $40 billion. Since the advent of GameFi with games integrated with DeFi protocols, the DeFi market reached approximately $240 billion at the beginning of 2022.

The next stage which will completely transform the world as we know it, that includes all these industries is something we’ve been hearing quite often recently — the Metaverse. With leading global banks like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs expecting it to be an $8 trillion opportunity, it’ll mark the beginning of Web2’s exodus into Web3.

However, with great power comes great responsibilities, and its own set of unique challenges. NFTs are currently siloed into various metaverses and games, losing utility and value outside of each individual platform. This has led to gamers being treated as an exploitable resource, especially more so when their effort and investment in a particular game are locked and tied to the success or failure of the game increasing their risk of loss.

The inability of gamers to move seamlessly cross-chain across various games is the current chokepoint that is preventing the exponential growth potential of Web3 gaming in the metaverse. Another core problem is to take Steam for example, 10,000 games were released in 2020 alone. Learning and mastering game rules can take up to hundreds of hours, meaning that gamers are constantly exposed to great risk of burning their time, efforts, and with zero return on investment.

The evolution of gaming lies within the Web3 Metaverse. This ecosystem includes sectors of NFTs, GameFi, DeFi (decentralized finance), digital real estate, social networking spaces, and more. If this is where gamers, guilds, and creators will co-exist in meaningful ways, then there needs to be a solution to the serious problems currently faced.


The Next Stage - Gaming in the gDEX Metaverse

To achieve this true potential of the Metaverse, a remedy is needed. gDEX is the first solution in the market capable of unlocking the true potential of the Metaverse by providing a remedy to all of the above problems. 

The gDEX platform enables and acts as a unified GameFi layer enabling interoperability across the metaverse that aims to onboard the next billion non-crypto gamers and developers market by removing their barriers to enter web3 with a robust suite of chain agnostic no-coding needed tools and DeFi fueled GameFi token economy that allows gamers, creators and guilds to build, customize and play in the metaverse — all while utilizing the first ever tokenized metaverse passport.

The Super Highway for the Metaverse

gDEX’s plug and play integration platform model is expandable to other ecosystems and communities across the entire metaverse


Furthermore, the gDEX solutions provide a mainstream path for the gaming community to learn and easily start their adventure into the Web3 gaming metaverse.

The opportunities for enriched experiences and creations, Play to Earn gaming, and exciting new professional careers within such environments will be extensive. We can only glimpse at this point in time, but they will be very significant as virtual economies along with their metaverse-inhabiting communities become an all-encompassing part of people’s lives.